Digital Performing Arts

What is Digital Performing Arts

Digital Performing Arts (DPA) is a study that blends the performing arts and media arts. The performing arts traditionally comprises music, dance, and theater. The media arts consist of installation art, film, and computer or digital media.

DPA produces music, dance, theater in combination with video works featuring elements of computer-generated imageries, 3D, and cinematographic aspects.

What to study?

In the Digital Performing Arts concentration program, students learn:

  • English language skills
  • Producing musical compositions
  • Writing short film scripts
  • Producing and presenting video montage, music video, video art, or short aesthetic film
  • Curating digital performing art works

What are the learning outcomes?

Graduates of the DPA concentration program are expected to:

  • Be highly proficient in English language
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills of digital performing arts
  • Produce digital performing art works, such as video montage, music video, video art, dan artistic short film

Why do we need to study DPA?


English language skills have become an essential communicative tool in the era of globalization, either in job seeking or job creation.


This digital era provides creative opportunities for those who can exploit social media and cyber networking for job orientation.


Creative video contents that solely rely to aesthetic aspects are insufficient. Clear and effective communication to the public is also needed. Therefore, curatorial communicative skills fill the gap. DPA fills this gap.

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