About FLA

Who are we?

Faculty of Language and Arts (FLA) used to be Faculty of Letters was established in 1998. It is one of the faculties of Soegijapranata Catholic University (SCU) located in the Metropolitan City of Semarang, Indonesia. FLA is a higher learning institution that excels in the fields of language, arts, and creative product communication. FLA offers a high quality education with vibrant atmosphere and environment. Caring, determination, and maturity are our core values.


About FLA

Obtaining the status of accreditation Baik Sekali (highly accredited) from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education of Indonesia, FLA with its English Department study program prepares students to acquire reliable English competency in four chosen concentrations: Linguistics, Literature, Englishpreneurship, and Digital Performing Arts (DPA).


Struktur Organisasi FLA

Learning Method

Teaching and Learning activities at FLA-SCU are conducted in English. Supported by professional and experienced lecturers in excellent facilities, FLA applies the so-called Soegijapranata Learning Model (SLM). It is a method of learning developed from the need to properly integrate face-to-face learning, class discussions, case studies, field or laboratory experiments, evaluation, formation, reflection, as well as engaging with the alumni, practitioners, and related-stakeholders.

Study Period and Environment

  • FLA Students complete their study with 144 credits in 8 semesters or even less. 
  • Lecturers have the role as facilitator and study-buddy. This role will ensure students to use English actively.
  • At the beginning of the semester, FLA students will study basic competency courses, such as Reading Matters, Word Discovery, Inquest Listening, Speaking for Business, Pronunciation for Accuracy, Comprehensive Writing, Structure, English-Indonesian Translation, Indonesian-English Interpretation, etc.
  • With an exception of few courses, such as Bahasa Indonesia, State Ideology Pancasila, Civics, Religion, Indonesian Language and Community Service (KKN/ KKU/ KKS), all courses are delivered in English.

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