What is Englishpreneurship?

Englishpreneurship is one of the concentration programs under the English Department. This concentration program prepares students for excellent English proficiency enriched with fundamental knowledge of entrepreneurship.


What to study?

In the Englishpreneurship concentration program, students learn:

  • English language skills
  • Practical experiences in business management and development
  • Knowledges and skills in marketing creative products
  • Knowledges and skills in designing and organizing special events, such as creative product exhibition, education fair, and business presentation

What are the learning outcomes?

Graduates of the Englishpreneurship concentration program are expected to:

  • Be highly proficient in English language
  • Possess knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship

Why do we need to study Englishpreneurship?


English language skills have become an essential communicative tool in the era of globalization.


Acquiring highly proficient English language is perfected with knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship demanded in the global business context.

Graduate Profiles of the Englishpreneurship Concentration Program

Student Achievements